Developer Smilegate postpones CrossfireX to 2021 • Gamingnation

Developer Smilegate has announced via Twitter that CrossfireX won’t be released until next year.

The decision was made because the development team faces several challenges due to the global pandemic at the moment. The FPS that will be released on the Xbox – current-gen and next-gen – was on E3 2019 announced, after which later also one trailer was shown of the single player. The multiplayer part will be free and will be developed by the Korean Smilegate, while the single player part will be made by Remedy, known from Quantum Break and Control, among others.

CrossfireX is based on Crossfire, a 2007/2008 shooter that is especially popular in South Korea and China. It seems that Microsoft wants to appeal to a part of the Asian market with this game, as the Xbox brand is not as strong in that part of the world as the PlayStation brand. It is a pity that an XBox exclusive is already being postponed to 2021!

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