“Devastation in Guam: A Week After Super Typhoon Mawar”

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It’s been a full week since ‘Super Typhoon’ Mawar made landfall on Guam.

Our MBC reporters are covering the area, but it is said that the poor conditions such as electricity and water are still not supplied.

Reporter Cha Hyun-jin will tell you about the local situation in Guam, which was devastated by the typhoon.

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A week after Typhoon ‘Mawar’ hit and left, it seems that all of Guam is still bombarded.

Agana Beach, which is popular among tourists, is hard to come across.

The shores swept by strong winds of up to 200 km/h, the remnants of uprooted and broken trees are a mess.

The typhoon also left great scars inland.

″It is a famous tourist destination frequented by Korean travelers. Trees over 20 meters tall have been uprooted by the force of the typhoon.″

The Korean travelers I met here said in unison, “I came to rest and went through the war.”

About 3,400 Koreans stayed in Guam at the time of this typhoon.

As close to half of the foreign tourists were affected, the damage was also the greatest.

[박한솔·박성완/괌 여행객]

″The typhoon came and now the hotel is leaking, so I stayed in a hotel lobby or something..″

An office worker who went on a long-awaited overseas trip had to spend an extra year off to eat mustard while crying.

[구형모/괌 여행객]

″I used 5 days of annual leave, but I ended up using 2 or 3 more days.″

The supply of water and electricity is not yet promising, and it is difficult to even find food to eat.

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Still, it was our people who reached out their hands in the most difficult times.

[양준민/괌 여행객]

″The local Koreans also gave me some water and delivered it, and another person bought a fan on behalf of me, so I’m bringing it now..″

The airport, which was crowded with Koreans until yesterday, has become relatively quiet as about 3,000 people are on their way home.

However, there are also travelers who have yet to find a return flight.

[송병규·김다영/괌 여행객]

″People came and sold (air tickets) so much that I came..″

Tensions continue, with another heavy rain delaying an alternative flight this morning.

This is MBC News Cha Hyun-jin from Guam.

Video coverage: Woncheol Heo / Editing: Namjoo Nam

2023-05-30 11:07:27
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