Devalued New York blondes

– I’m going to kill you, Ceci!

– By? What did I do to you?

– You made me see that mess.

– Which one of them?

– The interview of the two repentant brunettes. A plumb.

– Su and Wanda? How? Has it already happened? I missed it!

– You missed nothing. Dull, predictable, scripted, tedious, chewy … Nothing to do with the hype with which it was announced.

– Carla is right, Ceci. I was also nailed. Even popcorn I prepared to see her. I expected rough data, tears, intimate details, moans, screams, smeared makeup, sobs, screams, insults. And it was more boring than sucking on a rusty nail.

– The only thing I rescue is the view of the Eiffel Tower. In other words, the set.

– Were they cute, at least?

– Su had straw hair, like an old broom. And all the time he apologized for asking about the horns, when that was the sole and exclusive reason for the interview, for which Nara charged a whopping 50,000 Washingtons.

– Does not stitch without Wandita thread. And he forgave Maurito so as not to miss the goose that laid the golden eggs.

– I don’t know, Inesita, because you already flattened that chicken before the feigned divorce.

– And the subject appeared?

– Yes! Made a wet chick, a lapdog, a chichipío, a badulaque delivering the spittoon. Pathetic. Zero dignity the chabón. Even the cheater gave me pain.

– Beware that now the other version of the furtive encounter in Paris is coming. China gave Fantino a note, which leaves tomorrow

– And will it be as bland, tasteless and odorless as this, or spicy?

– She’s a hideout. Do you remember how he denied the roll with the Chilean at the motor home, with avocado and a blanket from Nepal? Within five minutes they were married. They had two children.

– Hopefully Fantino asks better than Giménez, right to the bone, without false modesty.

– Will China have charged the same?

– And … the price is not going to be lowered. Put the signature on it.

– La Su said goodbye saying: “Here we come with the note of the year”, while browsing the gifts from the hostess of her new makeup line “Love”.

– Scam of the year, he should have said. Jack for a hare they sold us. A trout.

– You will say that I am distrustful, but for me that these three got together to concoct this hoax, this staging for the gilada, and billing beautifully.

– Just like politicians, who simulate fights and confrontations, conspire behind our backs, and end up using us all.

– That little mouth, Carlita! And that you went to school for nuns!

– I don’t want to make you bitter, but do you realize that in less than a month it’s already Christmas?

– This year it literally blew up. 2020 was eternal, instead. How relative is time, which gave birth to it!

– The peceto is almost one luca per kilo, so forget about the traditional vitel tone this year.

– And the sweet bread? And the nougat? And the nuts?

– Asian luxury. Enough of the European winter Christmas menu! Let’s make a summer one, very silver, light and cheap. Emancipate ourselves from the First World.

– We already are, Ceci. We fell off the map a while ago. Every day further …

– Do you remember that Cider used to be mersa? Well now it is “cool” and cheaper than champagne. In something we came out winning. Why do we toast today?

– For the oxygenated, botoxeadas and horned blondes, who continue to enrich themselves at the expense of our stupidity. Chin Chin!



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