Deutsche Umwelthilfe Files Lawsuit against Facebook at Berlin Regional Court over Hate Remarks

The German Environmental Aid is suing the US group Meta. (dpa/picture-alliance/Miguel Villagran)

In the civil proceedings, the association wants to get the US group to delete a discussion forum in its network because of hate comments against environmental aid. There, for example, statements were published such as: “The only thing that helps against these eco-terrorists is a rubber truncheon or simply blowing them away.”

DUH Managing Director Resch said that more than 300 criminal charges and all previous contacts with Meta had not ended the threats against the DUH management and employees. A first conciliation hearing before the district court is scheduled for the end of March. So far, according to the information, courts have usually dealt with the deletion of individual hate comments in networks. The lawsuit by the DUH is breaking new legal ground, it said.

Among other things, the lawsuit aims to close a Facebook group administered by employees in the automotive industry with more than 50,000 members. It contained threats of violence and death, some of which lasted for weeks.

This message was broadcast on Deutschlandfunk on March 22, 2023.

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