Deutsche Bahn stops train traffic on many routes

Deutsche Bahn reacts to the storm with sometimes heavy snowfalls, snow drifts, squalls and freezing rain and cuts numerous long-distance connections on Sunday. Some of the routes are set for the entire day, some only until noon, and some until further notice.

The border traffic to the Netherlands has been suspended for the time being, the railway announced on Sunday morning. This applies to journeys from Cologne in North Rhine-Westphalia as well as journeys between the capitals Berlin and Amsterdam. Occasional trips on other routes may be added depending on the weather.

Long-distance connections canceled on Sunday, February 7th:

  • Between Hamburg and Kiel
  • Between Hamburg and Lübeck
  • Between Hamburg and Westerland
  • IC between Bremen and Norddeich-Mole
  • IC between Münster (Westphalia) and Norddeich-Mole

Remote connections that are set until further notice:

  • ICE between Frankfurt and Amsterdam
  • IC between Berlin and Amsterdam
  • Between Hamburg and Cologne
  • Between Hanover and Magdeburg
  • Between Hanover and Dortmund / Cologne

The following routes are closed until at least noon:

  • Between Leipzig / Halle and Berlin
  • Between Leipzig / Halle and Magdeburg
  • Between Leipzig / Halle and Erfurt

In addition, the offer will be thinned out on some routes until at least midday on Sunday.

Fewer trains run:

  • Between Frankfurt, Kassel and Berlin
  • Between Frankfurt and Erfurt

Deutsche Bahn points out that tickets for today’s Sunday, February 7th, can be used flexibly until Sunday, February 14th. If you don’t need it, you get the money back free of charge. Seat reservations can be rebooked free of charge.

Snowfall in Münster: Local restrictions also in local transport

Depending on the weather, there may be additional cancellations in the next few hours. By 10 a.m. at the latest, Deutsche Bahn would like to comment on the long-distance transport offer.

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There are also local restrictions in local public transport. The city of Münster has completely stopped bus traffic for the time being – after up to 30 centimeters of fresh snow fell within a very short time. “Snow and slippery roads make a safe journey impossible,” announced the public utility company on Sunday morning.

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