Deubecization. The Supreme Court issued a judgment

  • The resolution of the Supreme Court means that in the event of dismissal of officers who were subject to deubekization, the courts should individually assess the actions of each former employee of the services from the PRL period.
  • – We cannot act as a totalitarian state, one that does not give a person the right to a fair trial – said judge rapporteur Bohdan Bieniek.
  • Zbigniew Ziobro was an ardent supporter of introducing the solutions criticized by the Supreme Court today. The Supreme Court’s decision is his failure, because the resolution of this court will be a clue and a direction indicator for courts hearing appeals of former officers against decisions to reduce their salaries
  • During today’s hearing, the representative of Ziobro requested that Judge Józef Iwulski be excluded from the composition – due to the fact that in the 1970s he had received military training at the WSW – about which the prosecutor was supposed to find out from Wikipedia
  • He also wanted the case in the Supreme Court to be postponed until the Constitutional Tribunal would settle the issue of disubecition. This, however, has been struggling with it for two and a half years – to no avail
  • Both motions of the prosecutor, Zbigniew Ziobro’s representative, were dismissed
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