Determining the Right Mileage for Quality Used Cars in Jakarta


Apart from the physical condition of the exterior to the interior, one of the important factors that determine the quality of a used car is mileage. Then how do you determine the right mileage?

Reporting from the Car Doctor, there is an ideal mileage that is generally traversed by cars that are used daily, aka daily cars. According to them, the ideal mileage of a car is in the range of 12,000 km to 15,000 km.

“However, the mileage of a car also depends on its use, such as whether the car is used for daily needs or only used on weekends,” wrote Doctor Mobil.

Common Car Damage ‘Tired’

So why does mileage determine the condition of a used car? According to the Car Doctor, there are several components and car conditions that can be affected along with the long distance traveled or the car is in a ‘tired’ condition.

From the engine sector, the car with a high kilometer range suffered damage to its innards. For example wear on the bearings to the crankshaft. In addition, the oil seal is also prone to leaking radiator hoses as the car is used more often.

Another thing that is also prone to damage in cars with high mileage is the transmission. The Car Doctor stated that several problems that haunt the transmission of cars with high kilometers are transmission fluid leaks, damage to the clutch or piston, to wear and tear on the transmission gears.

On the legs, the component that often weakens when the car is used too often is the per part, then it is prone to leaks in the shock absorbers, to damage to the bearings or stabilizer links.

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The brake section is also a range of experiencing a decline in conditions. The components that are prone to damage are the brake linings that are starting to wear out, the brake discs that are no longer thick, leaks in the brake fluid section, and problems with the hydraulic system.

“The negative effects above show how important routine maintenance and repair is for cars that have traveled high mileage,” wrote the Car Doctor.

“If left without proper maintenance or repair, the car can experience more serious damage and even threaten the safety of the driver and passengers,” they concluded.

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