Detained in France one of the most wanted pedophiles in the world – World


A man was arrested by the French police on suspicion of running darknet portals that allowed “thousands of Internet users from all over the world to have access to photographs or videos of a pedopornographic character”.

According to the Bordeaux prosecutor’s office in southwest France, the arrest took place on July 7 in Gironde, with prosecutor Frédérique Porterie reporting that the suspect is one of the ten most wanted targets in the world for the spread of pedophilia and who played an “active role in the production of pedopornographic photographs and videos”.

Already in custody, the suspect, 40 years old and residing in Gironde, admitted the charges against him and was remanded in custody.

On July 9, at the end of the first interrogation, he was indicted on charges of “organized group broadcasting”, “possession and recording” of child pornography images, “incestuous rapes committed by a parent by a parent” and “incestuous sexual assaults” about a child under 15 by a parent “, detailed the Attorney of Bordeaux.

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