Details of the “Occasion Diet” .. Is it possible to lose weight in just 3 days?

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If you are waiting for a nearby event and looking for a quick diet, the best way to lose weight is to follow a low-calorie diet for three days every two weeks. During this diet, you do not have to fast or starve yourself, while you will be eating foods that are nutritious but have limited calories. On the days when you do not follow the diet, you should stick to exercise.

The site “Every Day Health” advises not to this diet for more than two weeks only to avoid any health problems. The site explains that this diet works by limiting caloric consumption to less than 1,200 per day for three days per week, and then returning to the usual diet for the rest of the four days of the week without exceeding the limit of consuming 500 additional calories. For example, if you eat 1,000 calories on the diet days, you should not exceed 1,500 calories on the remaining days. The site indicates that this fluctuation in the number of calories entering the body every day enhances the process of burning fat, and then the body deals with stored fats better.

Day 1 (1200 calories)

Before breakfast, drink a hot fenugreek drink without sugar.

the breakfast :

Oats + 150 ml low-fat milk + 15 grams nuts + one fruit from any fruit.


2 eggs + 1 whole grain toast + 1 fruit

the lunch:

Grilled fish with tomatoes or a can of tuna with ¼ ragheb bread

Evening snack:

½ cup fruit salad

½ small cup of carrots

the Dinner:

A piece of bread with chicken cooked with Italian herbs (or a portion of grilled meat with bread and vegetables)


Fenugreek seeds – fennel seeds

Oatmeal – quinoa

Scrambled eggs – boiled eggs

Multi-grain bread – wheat or gluten-free bread

Fresh fruit juice – half a cup of fruit

Grilled fish – grilled or smoked fish

Tomato – finely chopped cucumber

Tuna sandwich – chicken sandwich

Vegetable sandwich – mushroom sandwich

Fruits- 1 cup fresh fruit juice

Small carrots – 1 large cup of cucumber cubes

Smoked turkey – smoked salmon

Cucumber – carrots

Tomato- red pepper

Control your hunger pangs by drinking water or green tea.

Day Two: (1000 calories)

Before breakfast: Have a cup of warm water with the juice of half a lemon

the breakfast:

Quinoa + 1 cup of green tea


Egg + 1 cup green tea

the lunch:

Sautéed beans, peas, carrots and mushrooms + half a cup of skimmed yogurt


Grilled chicken breast with broccoli, spinach and carrots + 1 cup of low-fat yogurt

Evening snack: a cup of coffee without sugar or milk

the Dinner:

Chicken / vegetable soup + half a cup of low-fat vanilla ice cream


Boiled chickpeas salad + half a cup of low-fat vanilla ice cream

Day 3 (800 calories)

Meals what you eat

Before breakfast: a cup of warm water with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar

the breakfast:

2 boiled egg whites + cup of melon and pomegranate juice

the lunch:

Chicken salad with skimmed milk, olive oil, salt and pepper


Tuna with vegetables (lettuce and tomato)

Evening snack: a cup of green tea

the Dinner :

Oven stuffed chicken with bell pepper


Chicken or mushroom soup with spices and herbs.

After stopping the diet, you should increase your calories by no more than 500, that is, eat 1700 calories per day as a maximum, with an exercise regimen starting on the fourth day with 15 minutes until it reaches 50 minutes on the seventh day.


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