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Details of the last hours in the life of Madiha Kamel .. What did they find in her closet?


Solved today Anniversary of the death of the film princess and the beautiful artistes of the late artist Madiha Kamel Whose life abounds in events and changes, where she combined fame and asceticism, beauty and magic, lights and retirement, innocence and tyranny femininity, a bus life during which she ascended to the top of stardom and then retired to prepare for her journey to God, until she suddenly departed in the month of Ramadan and after Al-Farfari’s prayer on this day corresponding to January 13 From 1997.

There were many false information and rumors about the circumstances of the death of the artist Madiha Kamel, her illness and the details of the last hours of her life, so we contacted her only daughter, Mirham Al-Rayes, to reveal the truth of this information and clarify the circumstances of the illness and death of her mother, the great artist.

The daughter of the actress Madiha Kamel said in special statements for the seventh day: “My mother was not sick with cancer as some circulated, but she was diagnosed with rheumatoid in 1986 before her retirement and her life was going normally and naturally, especially after she followed up with a foreign doctor who gave her treatment that she was going on regularly and was practicing her life Her art naturally, and after her retirement, rheumatoid caused her to have water on the heart, and that was in 1992, she was treated with cortisone and her condition improved greatly and she returned to practicing her life, but she endured the hardship of Hajj in 1995 and performed the duty with her father, and she was serving him.

Regarding the causes of the death of Amira El Fan, her daughter said: “My mother’s death was unexpected. She was dressed as a full-fledged woman and used to live her life like any other patient with a chronic illness coexisting with him and taking treatment, as many patients have been living with rheumatoid for many years.”

And she continued: «We were in the month of Ramadan and we were bewitched and it was very normal, and I entered following my son Joseph and slept next to him, and my mother remained with my husband waiting for Fajr prayer, and I spoke with a number of her friends over the phone to urge them to pray Fajr, and after performing the prayer she entered as usual to her room to sleep, and she was during this The period is memorized by Surat Al-Baqarah, and a booklet is kept next to it, to follow the memorization. After the dawn prayer, it continues to memorize the verses in this booklet.

hossam atef (42)

Madiha Kamel’s daughter talks about her mother

She continued trying to control her tears: “I heard the sound of the alarm continuously, so I entered to wake her up but she did not respond. It did not occur to me that she died. Electric to revive the heart, and then they told us that she died, and she was traumatized for 12 years. I cannot believe and I cannot tell Mama who died. ”

The daughter reveals that she andI found in the cupboard of the artist Madiha Kamel After her death, a number of religious pamphlets were distributed in condolence, charity for the soul of the deceased, which was printed by her mother and kept without her telling her, and it was actually distributed after her death. She also discovered many of the good works that her mother performed in secret, indicating that she liked watching her mother’s works before Her death, especially the play on a very windy day, where the character carried a great resemblance to her real mother’s character, but she was no longer able to see any of her artwork after her death.




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