Details of the death of an employee inside his mistress’s bathroom in Sheikh Zayed

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Sunday, January 29, 2023

Books – Saber Al-Mahlawi:

On Sunday, the Public Prosecution in Giza ordered the burial of the body of an employee who died in the apartment of a woman he attended to practice vice with in Sheikh Zayed.

Investigations revealed that there was no criminal suspicion about the incident, and that the deceased had a state of fatigue due to a history of chronic diseases such as diabetes and prostate, and he died as a result.

The beginning was when Brigadier General Muhammad Amin, Chief of Investigation in the October Sector, received a signal from the Rescue Police Department to find the body of a person inside the bathroom of an apartment in Sheikh Zayed.

The criminal investigations men moved to the location of the communication, and it was found, under the supervision of Colonel Marwan Musharraf, that the body was of a person named Walid RA.

Investigations showed that the deceased came to the apartment of a woman who had a sinful relationship, and took an overdose of a sexual stimulant. During that, he felt tired, entered the bathroom of the apartment, and died, after suffering a sharp drop in blood circulation, and he died.

The body was transferred to the morgue at the disposal of the Public Prosecution for investigation, and Major General Hisham Abu Al-Nasr, Director of Giza Security, notified the incident.

The security services in Giza received a notification from the Police Rescue stating that there was a body in one of the apartments in the Sheikh Zayed Second Police Department. Immediately, the security services moved and found the body of an employee inside the apartment’s bathroom.

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