Details of the arrest of a teacher and his wife who run a wives exchange network in Mansoura

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Egyptian security services have managed to seize a wife exchange network run by a teacher and his wife via the social networking site “Facebook” in exchange for two thousand pounds an hour.

In detail, the Egyptian police forces arrested the defendants in front of their place of residence in the village of Mit Mahmoud, Mansoura Center, and confessed to having committed the incident, according to the website “Masrawy”.

A report was received by the security services in Egypt which stated that a teacher and his wife run an immoral business network and exchange wives and promote them through the social networking site “Facebook” in exchange for a fee, while it became clear that the defendant and his wife had created a page on the social networking site to invite people to practice the habit collectively, swapping wives and luring Haram for pleasure in exchange for money, facilitating the exploitation of the wife in immoral acts.

In front of the first accused, he admitted his suspicious and forbidden activity by calling and facilitating group sex and the exchange of wives and facilitating and exploiting his wife to practice the vice with those who want to please through the social network site, in return of a sum of 2,000 pounds, and created the page referred to for the same purpose, and confronted with his wife supported the statements and confessions of the husband.

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