Details of the arrest of a Russian who was on his way to Saudi Arabia because of a ticket • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Security authorities at Cochin International Airport (Nedumbasiri Airport) in the Indian state of Kerala arrested a Russian citizen for attempting to travel to Saudi Arabia with a forged ticket.

According to the report of the Indian newspaper “mediaoneonline” today, the accused was seen with his wife inside the airport, who had a valid ticket to Riyadh, and he took a copy of it and added his name to it.

It turned out that when the airport employees tried to complete the procedures necessary for travel, they were suspicious because the name of the accused was not on the passenger list, and after he was stopped by the security men; He acknowledged adding his name to his wife’s ticket.

The accused was arrested and handed over to the crime control department for further investigations.

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