Details of Nancy Ajram and Elissa quarreling because of Number One, baby

Some social media users and those interested in the artistic community were interested in the dispute, which was described as a “sharp dispute” which occurred between the two well-known Lebanese singers “Elissa” and “Nancy Ajram”, and that dispute was related to the highest artistic work seen or listened to through their works on social media and YouTube And Anghami in particular.

Elissa and Nancy’s tweets on Twitter and the beginning of the dispute

The truth is that maybe Nancy could not hold herself up a little, as she mentioned, “Your day is happy .. Chow credibility..if it was in songs, clips, parties, successes, or looks … and even numbers, the story does not seem like a calculator.” She also continued, saying: “Think Anu polite does not know how to respond .. no polite is not cool because it no longer comes down to the level of stupidity.

As for Elisa, she commented, of course, on Nancy’s speech, saying: “Let me settle the argument from the other. Nancy, Haifa, Najwa, Nawal, and I are all stars, and we are all ahead of some and competitors with numbers and business, and Hadi is an honest competition and a guide to health in the artistic community. We are in an imposed situation. We all support each other with such circumstances, and plant love and a sweet word, not like some intruder people who create sedition.

As Elissa mentioned in another tweet: “Nancy’s tweets could be misunderstood, or it could be annoyed about a certain topic, but this is what prevents Nancy Ajram as a big star, and we will continue to compete. I precede her and she precedes me because he is the honorable competition.”

It is clear in this that Elissa did not want to engage in a verbal battle on social media, while her tweets sought to calm that disagreement and not create a rivalry between her and Nancy Ajram or any other artist.

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Elsa's tweets on Twitter

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