Destiny 2 creator sues YouTuber for $7.6 million | NOW

Game developer Bungie has sued YouTuber Lord Nazo for $7.6 million. On behalf of CSC Global, an organization that owns music rights to the Bungie game Destiny 2 protects, he sent nearly a hundred fake copyright claims to YouTubers, writes The Game Post Friday.

Lord Nazo, whose real name is Nicholas Minor, got himself a claim from Bungie in December last year for uploading songs from the Destiny 2-soundtrack. The YouTuber then decided to send the same kind of claims to competitors.

He did this on behalf of CSC Global with the aim of taking videos from innocent channels offline, Bungie reports in the indictment. “In doing so, he caused a disturbance within the group of people who play Bungie games.” In total, Lord Nazo is said to have sent 96 fraudulent claims.

Bungie also accuses the YouTuber of sending emails to CSC Global in which he made threats. The topics included lyrics like “It’s your turn now” and “Start running, the clock is ticking.” Recipients forwarded the emails to Bungie.

According to the indictment, Lord Nazo did not cover his tracks well. For example, the first batch of claims came from the same IP address with which he logged in to Destiny 1 in Destiny 2† It was only after the media wrote about fake copyright claims in late March that the YouTuber switched to a VPN to hide his location.

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