Destiny 2: Beyond Light Review

For the past few months we have been working with our Destiny Special: A deep dive into the original story series and us impression item, working towards a certain point. And we have now reached that point. We have arrived at Destiny 2: Beyond Light. The original third in the Destiny franchise. Is this expansion a good mix of casual and die-hard? Skate and Koos tell you in the Destiny 2: Beyond Light Review.

The original third

When the Destiny franchise was still owned by Activision, there was already a plan to turn it into a trilogy. But then in January 2019, a spanner in the works was thrown. Then it was announced that the ways of Bungie and Activision would separate. But that was not the only news that came out. Bungie also acquired the official rights to the Destiny franchise. So there was no new studio that would focus on the Destiny franchise. It was just Bungie at the helm. And now we can really see what happens when Bungie no longer has Activision behind them? Do we see a difference?

De Destiny Content Vault

With Beyond Light, the Destiny franchise has had quite a makeover. For example, the game has not only received content, but content has also been removed. Mars, Titan, Mercury and Io have been removed from the game, along with activities such as raids, items, campaigns and more. But rest assured again: not everything is lost. The removed parts are placed in the DCV, or the Destiny Content Vault. In the DCV, Bungie places all of the deleted Destiny content, with the intention of eventually returning it to the game remastered. So for the people who were attached to these planets and their content, rest assured. But now first the replacement areas & content. Do they offer enough variety and quality to replace the old material? You’ll find out in the Destiny 2: Beyond Light Review.

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