Destination the United States: a journey to the roots of American history

Washington: cycle through the National Mall and take in the view

Four kilometers long, not counting the perimeter of the Tidal Basin: a walk on the National Mall, a must-see tourist spot in Washington DC, requires a lot of stamina. To remedy this, an alternative is available to tourists: rent a bike and let yourself be guided. A refreshing experience that allows you to cover all the points of interest in the American capital in one morning.

We first stop in front of the United States Capitol where the Senate and the House of Representatives. An essential place in American democracy, but impossible to visit since the attack by supporters of Donald Trump on January 6, 2021. Then parade the museums of the Smithsonian Institution: Air and Space Museum, Natural History Museum, American Indian Museum, Museum of Afro-American History and Culture… In all, nineteen museums and galleries whose visit is free!

In Memorial

Our pedal strokes then take us to the foot of the Washington Monument, this obelisk at the top of which it is possible to climb (it nevertheless culminates at more than 169 meters!) to enjoy a amazing views on the capital.

A short detour to admire in the distance, behind its gates, the famous White House, then it’s a series of memorials that push us to put the bike down every hundred meters: that of the Second World War, that of the Vietnam War, that of Martin Luther King or that of Thomas Jefferson. With, at a high point, the Abraham Lincoln memorial and its imposing statue known to all. On our saddle, we have the feeling of having plunged into one of these many films
Forrest Gump for example – in which these places first dazzled us.

Rental of all types of bicycles with or without a guided tour from Unlimited Biking, 998 Maine Avenue SW. Such. : 001 212 749 4444.

Smithsonian Institution :

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