Despite many corona cases – full intensive care units: Florida refrains from taking measures – news


  • Corona numbers are threatening to rise in the southern United States. Texas, Arizona and Florida report new infection levels every day.
  • The number of people who need intensive care because of Covid-19 is also increasing steadily. Many hospitals are already warning of an emergency.
  • The governments of the republican-run states are reluctant to introduce new restrictions – especially Florida.

There’s no reason to be scared: that’s the soothing message from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. “We’ll do it and stick to the facts,” he said earlier this week.

But these facts are darker than DeSantis wants to admit: in the past few days Florida has had to report around 10,000 new infections with the corona virus every day.


Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican, appeases the state’s residents.


The claim that this is only because more people are being tested does not apply to Marissa Levine, a professor of public health at the University of Southern Florida and former state health minister in the state of Virgina. The proportion of positive test results and hospital deliveries grew faster than the number of tests carried out, she says. It was no longer possible to trace the infection routes and isolate potentially infected people.

Live with new infections?

There were still enough hospital beds and protective equipment, but the city of Miami sent a call for help to the governor on Tuesday. Around 200 additional nurses were urgently needed.

Almost 50 hospitals in Florida are already reporting that their intensive care units are fully booked. Nevertheless, the Florida governor refuses to reverse the premature opening of the economy. You have to live with a large number of new infections in the next few months.

The mask becomes a political issue

Levine shakes her head at this: “Europe shows how life with Corona is possible.” Politicians and the population did their part there. In the United States, however, Corona is not a general health problem, but a political bone of contention, she criticizes.

Even wearing the mask is being politicized. Political leadership at all levels lacks a sense of responsibility, a clear strategy and, above all, a common message that does not divide, the professor states: She is – to put it mildly – very amazed at how the USA is currently reacting to the corona crisis.

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