Despite Corona: That was the Maschsee New Year’s Eve run in 2021 – with a picture gallery

In 2019 they were more than 100 meters long in rows of six behind the start line, the 3,000 runners who set off before the pandemic at the traditional New Year’s Eve run around the Maschsee on the last day of the year. During the first New Year’s Eve run in the pandemic, up to ten long-distance athletes started running every ten minutes from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. per time slot, waiting for the start signal in a chessboard pattern with a mask over their mouth and nose.


Jutta and Ulrich Jagau from Südstadt were among those who got one of the 500 coveted places and among the first ten that were sent out on the track by the organizer Stefanie Eichel. “We think it’s great that this run can take place at all,” said 63-year-old Jutta, “we really wanted to support the cause and are really happy to be there.” The cold bus from Johanniter Unfall Hilfe benefits from the ten euro entry fee.

Also in the second Corona year, Eichels-Event organized the New Year’s Eve run at the Maschsee. The sports buzzer Hanover was there, here are the most beautiful impressions of the event.

The Maschsee New Year’s Eve run 2021


Wenke and Merle Wünsch had dressed up as grandpa Erich and grandma Elsbeth. Oliver Kemper “took a chic lilac-colored suit out of the closet after three years. I bought it for a wedding. I wanted to dress up for the occasion,” said the 51-year-old with a laugh. that something is going on here again. “

Things went really fast for two 19-year-old top talents. Chemistry student Jasmina Stahl from Hannover 96, who has already become Junior European Champion this year with the German cross national team, swept the finish line in 20:20 minutes. The time of the squad athlete was not even remotely endangered by any other woman. Stahl had already triumphed at the Maschsee in 2019 and was happy about “a perfect end to the year”. On Sunday, the 51 kilo runner flies to the training camp in Monte Gordo in Portugal.

They were the fastest runners

The men had some peak times, and the longest runner was also the best. 1.97 meter giant Philipp Tabert from VfL Eintracht Hannover only needed 18:29 minutes for the 6.1 kilometers, the Elsa Brändström student was “totally happy with this competition, even if I had to run totally alone”.

After their three-generation run, Ronny Teichmann, son Mattis (12) and father-in-law Dieter (63) also shone with the occasional sunbeams, with a lucky donut with a pig’s nose on the front it went back to Nienhagen near Celle. “It’s just nice to experience the atmosphere of such an event again – I only saw happy faces here,” said 43-year-old Ronny Teichmann: “Now 2022 can come.”

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