Desperate to use plastic bags because they are ashamed to buy condoms, this couple ends tragically

SERAMBINEWS.COM – A couple of ABG had to be rushed to the hospital for doing something reckless.

How not, both of them are desperate to use plastic bags as contraceptives because they are embarrassed to go out to buy condom.

According to the Daily Mirror, this abomination took place in Hanoi, Vietnam in mid-September 2021.

Because it was the first time having sex, the man was embarrassed to leave the room to buy condom.

In the end, this pair of students agreed to take a shortcut.

Namely using a plastic bag as a contraceptive.

Unfortunately, because of their reckless actions they had to be rushed to the hospital.

The condition of their intimate organs was in the spotlight.

Doctor Nguyen The Luong, Deputy Director of the Kidney Hospital in Hanoi, also revealed the condition of this student couple.

The reason, they had to be rushed to the hospital due to abrasions and bleeding on their respective vital organs.

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