Desperate Housewives star dead: He was run over by car – Orson Bean died

Mourning for actors in the hit series “Desperate Housewives”: Orson Bean (2nd from left) is dead.

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It’s a terrible tragedy: a world-famous series actor was run over by a car in California.

  • A terrible calamity shakes Hollywood.
  • The world famous actor Orson Bean is dead.
  • He was hit by a car and killed

Roles in “Desperate Housewives” and “Dr Quinn” made him famous: Orson Bean dead

Terrible tragedy around Hollywood star Orson Bean: The popular actor was hit by a car, several American media reported. The disaster therefore occurred in Venice, California. Just a few days ago, Hollywood mourned another legend: Kirk Douglas,

Bean is said to have been a pedestrian when he was hit by a car. A second car was also involved in the accident. The 91-year-old died at the scene of the accident.

Orson Bean also starred in How I Met Your Mother, Two and A Half Men, and King of Queens

Especially through his roles in successful TV series how “Dr. Quinn – a passionate doctor “ (in the role of Loren Bray) and “Desperate Housewives”, from season six as Roy Bender, Bean became world famous. His popularity was also due to guest appearances in TV cult series such as “Two and a Half Men”. “Will & Grace”. “How I Met Your Mother” and “King of Queens” elevated.

Before playing TV roles, Bean played on New York’s Broadway. He also made a name for himself as a film actor. The most famous film in which he appeared is the multiple Oscar-nominated film “Anatomy of a Murder” (1959).

Run over Orson Bean: Mourning for social networks

Fans of the actor are shocked and mourn the Internet. “It is so heartbreaking. I pray for his wife and family, ”wrote one woman. “What a tragedy,” added another fan.

This aerial photo should show the location of the accident:

Orson Bean’s wife is herself a TV celebrity – she had a leading role in “Wonderful Years”

Bean was married three times. He had a child with his first wife and three more followed with his second wife. Most recently, he was with the well-known TV actress Alley Mills married. Mills had a guest role in Dr. Quinn and became famous for her leading role in the series “Wonderful Years”.

Also a Series actor of “Downton Abbey” died recently. He had been suffering from cancer for a long time.

Has also died the first French “bond girl” in film history, She played alongside Sean Connery.

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