Desired “crime scene: Mord auf Langeoog” with Wotan Wilke Möhring – four questions

Updated on August 24, 2020, 6:49 am

During the summer recess, the first usually shows reruns of older “crime scene” episodes. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the crime series, this year the audience can vote every week from a list of 50 episodes from 20 years online what is shown.

We join the festivities and celebrate the winner with four happy holiday questions. The penultimate wish- “crime scene“des Sommer” won “Mord auf Langeoog” with 27,764 votes, followed by “Die Faust” (Vienna, 19,836 votes) and “Borowski and the sky over Kiel” (9,313 votes).

You can find more information about the “crime scene” here

Desired “crime scene”: Why Langeoog?

In their second case, the inspectors Thorsten Falke (Wotan Wilke Möhring) and Katharina Lorenz (Petra Schmidt-Schaller) investigate rather unofficially: Falke is on vacation on the North Sea island, where his old friend and ex-colleague Jan Katz (Sebastian Schipper) and girlfriend Mimi (Laura Tonke) just started a family.

When the Hamburg gallery owner Bella Goosen was found brutally stabbed to death in the dunes, Mimi’s younger brother Florian, who was friends with the dead woman, was suspected: he was lying naked next to the corpse, was drugged and couldn’t remember anything.

Islands are always popular as crime thriller locations: there is a clearly defined venue and a manageable number of actors who either serve as suspects or quirky locals.

In addition, there is the distance from the mainland, which is often used in a figurative sense to let the figures act in unfamiliar surroundings. And then there is the often impressive landscape: In the case of Langeoog, wild waves, rough winds and barren dunes, which, depending on requirements, announce a threat or form the background when the heroine has to look thoughtfully into the distance.

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The fact that Langeoog is a car-free island also skilfully contributes to the feeling of being out of time that characterizes this leisurely (some found: boring) case.

How do you film on a car-free island?

With electric cars on which the heavy equipment was transported. The less heavy equipment, for example the actors, took a bicycle or a carriage.

The logistical effort, however, is great, which is why extensive filming as necessary for a “crime scene” is more likely to take place on other North Sea islands, for example on Sylt: There, the later star director Wolfgang Petersen (“Das Boot”, “Der Sturm”) shot the NDR- ” Tatort: ​​Strandgut “with Klaus Schwarzkopf as Inspector Finke.

In addition, there are strict requirements due to the fact that Langeoog is part of the Unesco World Heritage Wadden Sea and no animals may be frightened, plants trampled or dunes destroyed.

Finally, there is the sea, which does not stick to any work schedule. The shooting must be reversed according to ebb and flow. “We have a tidal range of about 2 meters 60”, explained Peter Lübbe Wettstein from the Langeooger local authority of the ARD, “so it goes up and down, and if you take pictures at the port and they should fit together afterwards, that’s it not so helpful if the ship, which was just clearly visible, suddenly disappears halfway behind the quay wall. In addition, you can logically only film in the mudflats at low tide. So you have to work with the tide plan. “

In addition, the whole story takes place on Langeoog, but of the 22 days of shooting in March and April 2013 only nine took place on the island, the rest in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein.

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“If you now also take into account that the change of seasons on a North Sea island in March looks very different than in Hamburg in April, you might get an idea of ​​the ‘madness’ we were facing, “said director Stefan Kornatz, describing the shooting.

Why did Nina Kunzendorf cause confusion?

In this “crime scene” she plays detective Christine Brandner from the Aurich homicide squad. When “Mord auf Langeoog” was first broadcast in November 2013, Nina Kunzendorf had just closed her last case as Frankfurt “Tatort” commissioner Conny Mey.

“Whoever breaks the silence” ran in April of the same year. Kunzendorf had given up the role at her own request after only five episodes, according to rumors, she did not like the character of Conny Mey.

Inspector Mey was a brisk investigator who solved her cases in cowboy boots, tight jeans and a deep neckline and had to listen to sayings like these from her colleague Steier (Joachim Kròl): “If you really want to help people, then do it open a nail salon. At least you understand something about that. “

The director Kornatz, the partner of Nina KunzendorfThat is why she deliberately designed her in the Langeoog “Tatort” as a particularly sober, taciturn inspector, even if he did it in an interview with the ARD emphasized clearly denied: “The cast of the role Christine Brandner has absolutely nothing to do with the Frankfurt” Tatort “, not even with a wink. Nina Kunzendorf is simply the best for the role. I immediately thought of her when she saw the character, but not one Thought about roles she had played differently when. “

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Many Kunzendorf fans were happy to see each other again, but there was also some resentment on social media about the cast.

What is more annoying, the glasses or Florian?

Definitely Florian. Nina Kunzendorf’s “I am a serious inspector!” – Frame is applied very thickly and like the bespectacled yellow minions from the cinema is constantly in the spotlight, but the suspect Florian Meinders quickly gets on your nerves much, much more than she does Mallet horn-rimmed glasses.

Florian is a psychologically highly unstable 16-year-old who had to witness the accidental death of his parents when he was ten and has since gone through life apparently severely traumatized. But even if – or perhaps precisely because – Leonard Carow masters the ungrateful role as Florian quite well, the character becomes a pesky, constantly howling, fingernail-chewing unsympathy.

There is no sympathy for the battered boy, because his sister and the many island inspectors can try as hard as they can: “Florian, come on here”, “Florian, talk to me”, “Florian, what happened?” , “Florian, what was that?”, “Man, Florian!”, “Open your mouth, Florian!”, “Florian?”, “What are you hiding, Florian?”, “Florian?”, “Florian! ” – this goes on for ninety minutes.

And in the end you don’t care if he was the murderer or just a poor victim, Florian.

Since the first series in 1966, the “Star Trek” universe has drawn fans from all over the world under its spell. Since then, numerous films, series and spin-offs have appeared around the crew members of the spaceship Enterprise. Two new series were added in 2020. An overview.


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