Designation of user representatives

The users’ representatives (RU) of the Rothschild Foundation Hospital have been appointed for three years.

The Users’ Commission (CDU) aims to ensure that your rights are respected and to contribute to improving the quality of care for sick people and their relatives. It is made up of certain members of the Hospital and represented by four user representatives (RU) who have just been appointed for a period of three years:

Representatives of incumbent users:

  • Mrs. Marie-Madeleine COUDRAY, Association Old’Up: 01 42 02 24 65
  • Ms. Yolande BERTRAND – LABORDE, Association France DOT 75: 06 60 28 75 50

Representatives of alternate users:

  • Mme Aline HRASCINEC, Association Amadys : 06 71 92 52 63
  • Mr. Edward WATTEEUW, Ile de France CLCV Association: 01 48 87 17 75

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