Design: Your next TV screen may be transparent

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is going to market a television that literally allows you to see through it on a large scale.

Will hi-tech windows soon take over living rooms? This is Xiaomi’s ambition with the transparent edition of its 55-inch Mi TV LUX OLED screen presented on the occasion of the Chinese firm’s 10th anniversary. The model integrates all the processing units in a circular saucer-shaped casing placed in front of the screen rather than on the back of it, as in current televisions. Switched off, the device passes for a simple glass screen with a thickness of 5.7 mm.

The model is produced in series and will be marketed on August 16 on the Chinese market at a price of 6,500 fr. about. Xiaomi proudly adds that it is “currently the only television manufacturer in China capable of handling the mass production process of such a complex product on its own.”

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