Desi Slava returned to the arms of Blagoy SN …

Barefoot Desi Slava grabbed the microphone together with the father of her second son Blagoy Naidenov. The couple got together for the baptism of their child – three-year-old Borko.

Yesterday, footage from the party after the baptism appeared on the Internet, which, as it turns out, took place in a Tuzla restaurant in Sofia with heavy meals, fine drinks and selected guests. The singer herself did not share photos or video on her Instagram, so her ex-boyfriend revealed what was happening.

In one of the stories shown, the two parents are seen dancing together while the child is on his father’s shoulders. For the entertainment of the guests, of course, an orchestra is invited, which performs all the musical claims of the celebrants.

The vocal host Desi Slava also grabbed the microphone and sang several songs, including her most popular hits, reports. It is noticeable that she undressed barefoot, and in one of her performances the boxer jumped off the table and danced around her. In February, it became clear that Desi and Blago did not live together and were separated.

A little later, she fled to Dubai, where she rested in the company of her eldest son Mikey, while the former took care of little Boris. It seems that although they are not together, in the name of their common child, the couple has maintained a good relationship.



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