Descendant in horoscope. Themes of twelve ascendant-descendant conjunctions

The Descendant is the point in the personal horoscope that lies directly opposite the Ascendant. It is a very important indicator, because the sign of the descendant tells us what kind of counterpart we are looking for, our better half, what kind of ideal partner we are looking for. It will show what we lack in order to feel complete, whole and also happy in life.

We usually identify, albeit often unconsciously, with the qualities of our sign on the ascendant (the point symbolizing our SELF), while we attribute the qualities of the descendent (the point symbolizing YOU) to someone else, most often our partner, through mirroring or projection. Therefore, if we want to know the characteristics and character of our descendant, we usually need a partner for this.

  • Mirroring in psychology is a reflection of our consciousness and unconsciousness. Life is like a mirror that shows us what our inner subconscious beliefs and attitudes are. According to partner astrology, we attract into our lives precisely those partners who show us our shortcomings, mirror them and force us to experience them.
  • Projection is a defense mechanism of our ego consisting in denying subconscious characteristics in ourselves and attributing these characteristics to others, most often to our partners.

Astrology works with both phenomena – mirroring and projection. From our personal horoscope, we can find out which types of partners we will naturally attract into our lives. The place where we read all this information is precisely the descendant in the personal horoscope – the point opposite to going up. For example, if you have ascendant in Capricorn, you will have a descendant in Cancer and you will attract caring, caring, but also moody partners into your life. There are a total of 12 types of descendants, i.e. 12 types of ideal counterparts. Which is yours according to your ascendant?

If you don’t know your ascendant, you can use our calculator to find it out HERE:

12 types and themes of the ascendant-descendant connection

Ascendant in Aries, Descendant in Libra

S ascending v Beranu you approach everything with vigor and determination. Life seems like a challenge and a struggle to you, you strive to be the first and the best in everything. Since you rush into everything, you need someone next to you to tame you, to create the necessary counterbalance to your overly radical approach. You will be drawn to more cautious and diplomatic types. You will appreciate their ability to consider and understand the polarity of the world. Your better half is charming, friendly and welcoming, symbolized by the Libra sign on your ascendant.

Ascendant in Taurus, descendant in Scorpio

If you have ascendant in Taurus, your watchword is – have it and keep it. You spontaneously appropriate everything you desire and from which you promise yourself pleasure and delight. You want to own. Sometimes you cling unhealthily to both possessions and people. You need someone by your side to help you get rid of it and overcome your inner lust. Your better half will be able to deny himself, treat himself harshly, in an organized and systematic manner. It will dampen your urge to hoard. It is symbolized by the sign of Scorpio on your ascendant.

Ascendant in Gemini, Descendant in Sagittarius

The benefits of yours ascendant in Gemini they are decisiveness, curiosity, dexterity, flexibility. However, you transfer your interest too easily from one thing to another, you are distracted and flighty. You need someone in life who can give your focus a clear perspective and meaning. You look for your better half among those who know that everything is connected with everything, who have firm faith and clear convictions. Among people who don’t seem as shallow and nervous as you. They are symbolized by the sign of Sagittarius, which is also the sign of your descendant.

Ascendant in Cancer, Descendant in Capricorn

Thanks to your ascendant in Cancer you are gentle, sensitive, unusually perceptive and sharing. Caring and caring for others are your best qualities. You like to leave the harshness and discipline to others so that you don’t have to look askance at others, sit in a corner and let everyone know that they are hurting you or insulting you. Next to you, you need a person who is more reserved, knows how to say no and doesn’t mind being alone. Your better half is correct, she is aware of her responsibility. She is reliable, mature and is symbolized by the sign of Capricorn on your descendant. If you can find it in yourself, you won’t seem so childish.

Ascendant in Leo, Descendant in Aquarius

Victoriously, confidently, with a sense of drama, you throw yours ascending and descending to life’s adventure. Since you consider yourself a very important person and feel at the center of society, you need someone next to you who can maintain distance and perspective. You need a partner who can correct your dramatic outbursts with a smile and moderate your egocentrism. Your better half is cold, aloof, tolerant, so that you don’t appear so arrogant and arrogant. It is symbolized by the sign of Aquarius, the sign of your descendant.

Ascendant in Virgo, Descendant in Pisces

S ascendant in Virgo you approach life critically, cautiously, with all security. You look around critically and consider each step as carefully as possible. You criticize everything, you know about every mess and mistakes of others. You need someone by your side who doesn’t care too much, who can trust the passage of time and the intentions of the universe. Your better half is compassionate, trusting, willing to make sacrifices so that you don’t seem so uptight and forced. It is symbolized by the sign of Pisces and is also the sign of your descendant.

Ascendant in Libra, Descendant in Aries

You seem friendly, accommodating and classy. Behind this mask ascendant in Libra you are hiding your irredeemable indecision. You avoid conflicts. You need a partner next to you who is capable of confrontation, who has the courage to fight. You willingly leave the initiative and responsibility for the consequences of the decision to him. Why would you get your hands dirty when you have someone next to you who is willing to take their skin to market. However, you should discover your better half, symbolized by the sign of Aries, within yourself. You will know what you want, you will be able to pursue your goal without hesitation or fear. True, a partner in the sign of Aries, in the sign of your descendant, will help you.

Ascendant in Scorpio, Descendant in Taurus

S ascendant in Scorpio you can look at other people’s cards without revealing anything about yourself. You will see through everyone, you will search everything, you will reveal everything, no one will hide anything from you. Unfortunately, you can also cause crises and scandals. So you need a person next to you who will provide you with a calm environment, safety and security. Your better half knows how to enjoy life, knows how to arrange everything at the right moment so that you can be calm and put everything behind you. It is symbolized by the sign of Taurus and is also the sign of your descendant.

Ascendant in Sagittarius, Descendant in Gemini

With yours ascendant in Sagittarius you are pointing everyone in the right direction. You unerringly reveal all the wisdom and secrets of the world. You can pull others down for your thoughts, ideas and ideas. You need informed partners for your life who also know how the world goes but are more flexible in their opinions and attitudes. Your better half is gifted with the ability to adapt, to embrace change without losing its convictions. It is symbolized by the sign of Gemini and is also the sign of your descendant.

Ascendant in Capricorn, Descendant in Cancer

S ascending v Kozorohu you walk through life directly, persistently, tenaciously and, unfortunately, relentlessly towards yourself and others. You spare no one, least of all yourself. Fulfilling your duty is your first priority. In life, you need a partner who is caring and sensitive, who will open up the ability to rejoice in you. While you face big challenges and manage big tasks, your partner takes care of the household and family. At least that’s your idea. Your better half provides you with comfort and mental support so that you can walk in a disciplined way through life. But you should know that the sign of your descendant, the sign of Cancer, you should also discover in yourself and not only in your partner, only then will you become a happy person.

Ascendant in Aquarius, Descendant in Leo

With the thought that you must not allow yourself to be caught or exploited for the purposes and interests of others, you walk with your ascendant in Aquarius life. You are unpredictable and unreadable to others. You keep your distance and independence from everyone and everything. You need someone next to you who will bring a little warmth, joy into your life, someone who would give it an individual touch. You will find your better half in someone who will help you discover your individuality and give your life meaning. Your better half has her heart in the right place, she radiates well-being and was born under the sign of Leo, the sign of your descendant.

Ascendant in Pisces, Descendant in Virgo

With a boundless willingness to help others, with the face of a compassionate angel, you leave your own ascendant in Pisces drag life to and fro. You take everything as it comes – good and bad, beneficial and harmful. You need a person next to you who can tell the useful from the useless, who would have more control over things. Your better half is able to take care of the practical aspects of life, is able to properly organize and secure everything. Your better SELF was born under the sign of Virgo and is also the sign of your descendant.

Source: Author’s article and M. Jehle, Partnership Horoscopes, Sagittarius 2004

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