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Freight train loaded with brand new cars Ford, derailed in the United States. According to The Drive, citing Missouri police, the incident happened earlier this week. The 44-car train carried more than four hundred Ford F-150 pickups, as well as Transit vans, and derailed for unknown reasons. None of the people were injured, unlike the cars. In all likelihood, they are severely damaged.

The train is believed to have been carrying vehicles from a Ford assembly plant in Kansas, Klycomo, Missouri. The new F-150 and Transit were to arrive at the brand’s dealers, and hence at customers who had paid for the cars in advance. Apparently now they will return to the factory, but not for repairs. Ford will probably want to reuse scarce semiconductors and other expensive parts.

As for the scene, it will take at least a few days to clean the four dozen crushed wagons and hundreds of cars. This forecast was given by a railway worker to the local newspaper Lake Gazette.

The train crash is far from the only problem Ford has faced in recent years with difficulties in production and delivery. Due to the global chip shortage that followed the blockade of more than 60,000 unfinished vehicles, Ford was forced to suspend in July and June. work in many of the enterprises.

Earlier, the company announced that it had become unprofitable to supply dealers with many cars in various configurations – this was caused by a shortage of parts that are key to automotive electronics. Instead, Ford is considering customized versions that will both help unload warehouses and improve financial results. The brand has not yet commented on the train accident.

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