Deputy Regent Zulqoini Plans Covid-19 Vaccination for Pregnant Women

The West Coast Health Office (Diskes) launched the Corona Virus Disease-2019 (Covid-19) Vaccination for Pregnant Women. The announcement was made by the Deputy Regent, A. Zulqoini Syarif, Friday (24/9), at the Krui Health Center, Pesisir Tengah District.

The event was also attended by the Chair of the Pesibar Family Welfare Empowerment-Empowerment Team (TP-PKK), Septi Istiqlal, Head of the Health Office, Tedi Zadmiko, Dandim 0422/LB, chairman of Pesibar DWP, Chair of POGI Pesibar, Chair of IDI Pesibar, Chair of PC IBI Pesibar.

Zulqoini explained that pregnant women have an increased risk of becoming severe if infected with Covid-19, especially in pregnant women with certain medical conditions.

“So vaccination is an effort to protect pregnant women from the risk of Covid-19 infection,” he explained.

The Deputy Regent also said that the declaration of vaccination for pregnant women was held in order to reduce the mortality and morbidity of pregnant women due to Covid-19, as well as to educate pregnant women so as not to hesitate to be vaccinated.

“Vaccination of pregnant women is one of the strategies to deal with Covid-19, where many studies have been conducted that have stated that the Covid-19 vaccine is safe and halal and can provide a sense of security during pregnancy and childbirth,” he said.

Furthermore, he said, vaccinations were given to pregnant women through the recommendation of the National Immunization Expert Advisory Committee (ITAGI).

“In general, it can be concluded that the Covid-19 vaccination for pregnant women is effective and safe for pregnant women and their babies, especially preventing pregnant women from contracting the Covid-19 virus. sub-districts in Pesibar in each health center,” he explained.

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The Vice Regent also hopes that by carrying out vaccination activities for pregnant women, it can increase the support and cooperation of local governments, health service facilities, the community, and relevant stakeholders in the implementation of the Covid-19 vaccination.

“Let’s together make the Covid-19 vaccination successful for pregnant women, for a healthier and more prosperous future on this Earth of Inner Sais and Ulama,” he said.

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