Deputy Minister of Health Dante Reveals Health Screening Plan to Cooperate with BPJS, Jakarta According to data from the Central Statistics Agency in 2021, as many as 51.68 percent of the elderly in Indonesia Indonesia still self-medicating when she encounters complaints related to her health condition.

The Deputy Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Dante Saksono Harbuwono SpPD-KEMD also revealed that the government would encourage efforts to elderly can go to a health facility.

“One out of five elderly people has been sick in the past month, (almost) 52 percent of the elderly still self-medicate if there are complaints. We will encourage them to go to better health facilities,” said Dante in a webinar FKUI Cell Aging Research Collaboration on Friday, (25/3/2022).

Regarding this, Dante explained that the government did plan to conduct a program study medical check up which works with BPJS (Social Security Administrator).

“We are indeed conducting a study that medical check up it will work with BPJS for a program called KDK. This KDK makes medical check up can be done by several groups,” said Dante.

“Not medical check up like we usually do. But on medical check up which has a top priority that has an impact on death rate,” he added.

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