Deputy Governor of DKI Affirms Currently JIS Can’t Be Used for 212 Reunions


Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Ahmad Riza Patria confirmed the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) was built for sporting activities. Riza mentions non-sports activities such as 212 reunion for now it can not be done in JIS.

“I need to emphasize that JIS was primarily built for sports activities, encouraging the birth of Indonesian proud athletes in the future. This is to correct the recent news in the mass media regarding the 212 reunion plan that uses JIS,” said Riza in a written statement, Saturday (15/15). /5/2022).

Riza said that in the future JIS will become a place for various activities ranging from sports to religion. Riza said regulations for non-sporting activities are being prepared by PT Jakarta Propertindo (Jakpro).

“It is true, in the future JIS will become a public space, where residents meet and interact in religious, social and cultural matters. However, for these non-sporting activities, the regulations and provisions are still being drawn up by PT Jakarta Propertindo (Jakpro). For now, it cannot be used as a location for the 212 reunion,” he said.

Like Gelora Bung Karno which can be used as a location for various activities, Riza said that JIS will also be open to positive activities by various groups. However, all regulations and provisions are still being finalized.

Not only that, JIS is currently in the finalization stage. The stadium has not yet had a grand launch, so it still needs to be monitored and monitored closely.


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