Deputies: opposition rejection of the benefits of the new moratorium for denounced entrepreneurs


The opposition warned that the new moratorium is a “tailored suit” of the Kirchner businessman Cristóbal López Source: Archive

The legislative debate on the new

tax moratorium

Government anticipates

more conflictive than was presumed.

Is that the project not only fosters a


broad tax for

people and companies

affected by the pandemic:

includes -and here lies the controversial- a series of

tax benefits and

penalties to

businessmen indebted to the AFIP with pending court cases.


The opposition aims at the “friends” of Kirchnerism, but the ruling party doubles the bet.

“They all enter,” sentenced a seasoned pro-government legislator, anticipating the controversy.

The opposition denounced that the new moratorium, which entered the lower house last week, “is a tailored suit” for the Kirchner businessman

Cristóbal López,

the game’s czar and owner, along with

Fabián de Sousa

of the oil company

Oil Combustibles

, today bankrupt and with a multimillion-dollar debt.

The ruling party retaliates: if the law were approved, several conspicuous could also be eligible for tax forgiveness

close businessmen

to mauritius


with debts in the AFIP, including

Daniel Angelici, Nicolás Caputo

and the former president’s brother

Gianfranco Macri


Million-dollar debts accumulated by companies such as

Argentine Mail

(which was owned by the Macri family) and the agro-exporter



The oil company Oil Combustibles, by Cristóbal López and Fabián de Souza, could benefit from the new moratorium Source: Archive

The focus of the conflict lies in three articles of the project. Until now, moratoriums excluded debts due to

fuel transfer tax

(ITC) as well as for the specific tax for the realization of


The new article 8 of the text cancels that exclusion, so that those companies that accumulate a debt with the AFIP for those contributions will be able to settle it in installments.

Hence, the opposition points to Cristóbal López: if the law is approved, the businessman may regularize the debts accumulated by Oil Combustibles, a firm that was denounced by the former AFIP head.

Alberto Abad

for not having remitted to the organization what ITC collected during Cristina Kirchner’s term. It is estimated that the debt of the oil company with the State

it could reach $ 11.8 billion.

From the oficialismo they retaliate to the macrismo and indicate that the new moratorium could benefit Vicentin
From the oficialismo they retaliate to the macrismo and indicate that the new moratorium could benefit Vicentin Source: LA NACION – Credit: Marcelo Manera

“It may benefit Cristóbal López, but also Angelici, with debts due to income tax for his companies Bingo Ramallo SA, World Games SA, which controls a bingo in Pergamino and Desarrollos Maipú SA, with a casino in Mendoza,” they maintain. in the oficialismo.

Two other articles in the new moratorium promise the same controversy. Article 9 establishes, by case, that withholding and collection agents (in the case of Oil Combustibles) “will be released or released from fines and from any other sanction that is not firm as of the effective date of this amending law, when they externalize and pay the amount that they would have omitted to retain or receive, or the amount that, having been withheld or received, they would not have paid, after the expiration of the term to do so “.

The other article is the one that allows bankrupt companies to adhere to the moratorium as long as they conclude the legal process for settlement within a period of 90 days, a term that may be extended by the AFIP. Not only Oil Fuels would enter the profit. “Also Vicentin”, they indicate in the oficialismo.

Opposition criticism

The Together for Change bloc anticipated its rejection of these innovations that the Government included in the new moratorium.

“In general we agree with the new moratorium, it is essential to implement a package of fiscal relief measures for companies affected by the pandemic,” he emphasized.

Mario Negri

, boss of the interblock. However, strikingly included are certain facilities that were excluded from the previous moratorium. It is arbitrary to reward those who, acting as collection agents, appropriated funds belonging to the State, granting them payment facilities and, in addition, suspension of criminal actions. ”

“It is clear that these articles have a first and last name, Cristóbal López. It is not appropriate to approve them, although they also benefit Macrista businessmen”,


Luciano Laspina


From the Federal Consensus,

Graciela Camano

It also set limits. “The country has its finances broken, a situation that was aggravated by the pandemic. We must help our companies efficiently. This implies not wasting to benefit anyone in particular. I will not vote for anything that goes against the situation of anxiety and poverty that so many Argentines live -he emphasized-.

I believe that everything that is invested from our taxes for recovery must be wisely and honestly applied. ”

In the ruling party they argue and argue that if they implemented these concessions in the new moratorium it was before the

rain of amparos presented in the Justice for the exclusions of the first moratorium.

In addition, they insist that this tax forgiveness for companies in danger of bankruptcy will allow

sustain jobs.

The debate promises to be heated. In what there would be no further discussion is the proposal proposed by this new moratorium, of greater scope than the first, which will cover large companies, SMEs, monotributistas and self-employed, in order to alleviate their debts and prevent them from staying on the road during the pandemic.

“Today it is reasonable under the pandemic to make a moratorium, of course, but if we do not simplify our tax system and optimize the collection, we will go from moratorium to moratorium forever,” warned the radical, however.

Alejandro Cacace.

Laspina agreed. She further proposed that the project

include a “prize” for taxpayers

that they paid their taxes in time and form. The oficialismo took note and anticipated that this incorporation is being worked on.


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