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The final reading of the government’s draft, which is to expand the powers of the Czech National Bank in regulating the provision of mortgages, is being extended again. The Chamber of Deputies did not accede to the ODS’s proposal in the morning to remove the draft from the agenda. The Pirates’ proposal to include it as the penultimate point in the block of laws in the third reading did not pass either.

The legal entrenchment of the central bank’s powers for housing loans The Chamber of Deputies began discussions on Wednesday, but did not decide. There were accusations from the pro-government parties against part of the opposition for obstruction. The draft was criticized mainly by Pirates and Civic Democrats.

Opposition MPs do not particularly like the two proposed provisions. The central bank should be given the statutory power to set parameters for the provision of housing loans. So far, it can only issue recommendations that are not legally binding.

The possibilities of its trading on the financial markets are also to be permanently expanded. He will be able to trade with more entities. MEPs already approved this option last year in a state of legislative emergency, but limited it temporarily to the end of this year.

The fears of the deputies about the excessive increase of powers were rejected by the Governor of the Central Bank Jiří Rusnok and the Minister of Finance Alena Schillerová (for YES). The head of the ministry told deputies that the ban on monetary financing would always apply. She pointed to a section of the law that prohibits the CNB from buying government bonds directly from the state and on which nothing changes. Civic Democrat Jan Skopeček, on the other hand, claimed that the central bank could buy government bonds by detour through commercial banks.

The Chamber of Deputies will probably not return to the third reading of the amendment on the CNB until 24 March, ie in the week in which the meeting will continue.

Five weeks off

The disputes of deputies also arouse the extension of the statutory leave by one week. Proponents argue by eliminating discrimination when civil servants already have five weeks’ leave. Critics on the right point to the impact on employers, who are now also facing restrictions imposed by the coronavirus crisis.

Autistic people will probably have a subsidy for a car and people with dementia for a wheelchair

Those families of people with autism spectrum disorder who do not have a serious mental disability will probably be able to apply for a car purchase allowance. People with dementia will be able to contribute to a wheelchair. The Chamber of Deputies managed to approve the expansion of the circle of people entitled to a subsidy on Friday. The draft will now be submitted to the Senate for consideration.

The state contributes up to 200,000 crowns to the car, depending on the family’s income. If the special aid costs less than ten thousand crowns, the contribution for it will be provided only to applicants with an income below eight times the subsistence level.

The injured party must also pay a thousand crowns for an aid for less than ten thousand crowns. If the aid costs more than ten thousand crowns, the co-participation is ten percent. If the disabled do not have enough money, their share is determined by the labor office. But people have to supply a thousand crowns.

The parliamentary amendment also envisages the automatic exchange of the card for people with disabilities who have it granted permanently. According to the authors, the change will also relieve the medical assessment service. According to parliamentary regulations, it will not apply to people under the age of 18, as their health status may change.

Gay marriage

MEPs refused to continue the initial round of debates on amendments to legalize gay marriage or, conversely, to promote male and female marriage. Pirate MP Ondřej Profant did not enforce the inclusion of the templates. MEPs began their first reading three years ago in November. Then they returned to the discussion the year before last in March.

Marriage for homosexuals was also proposed by an amendment to the Civil Code by 46 deputies from six parliamentary clubs, namely YES, Pirates, the KSČM, the CSSD, TOP 09 and STAN. The proposal for the constitutional protection of traditional marriage was signed by 37 deputies from KDU-ČSL, ANO, ODS, ČSSD, TOP 09 and STAN.

Representatives of both camps in the discussions so far have protected the need to defend values. Proponents of marriage emphasized freedom and equality for all. Critics, in turn, oppose the relativization of the value of marriage and the idea that it could be anyone’s union.

A commission of inquiry into Bečva may not be established

The House also did not want to complete the discussion on the establishment of a commission of inquiry into last year’s environmental accident in Bečva, which was initiated by the opposition. In addition to the government’s YES and the CSSD, the commission was opposed by the Communists, who support the government and together have a majority in the lower house.

The opposition initiated the establishment of the commission mainly due to the fact that the cause of Bečva poisoning by cyanide is not known even after half a year of investigation. The expert Jiří Klicpera, who is to prepare an opinion for the police, repeatedly asked for a longer period. Like the Minister of the Environment and YES Vice-Chairman Richard Brabec, he ruled out that the chemical poison from the Agrofert holding was the cause of the poisoning.



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