Deputies do not support legal euthanasia –

The last time a group of MPs for pirates and the YES movement tried to legalize euthanasia in 2020 was. Embarrassment and disagreement are mainly aroused by fear of abuse. The majority for the enactment of euthanasia has not yet been found in the House.

Euthanasia allows the intentional killing of a patient with an incurable disease at his own request in order to reduce his suffering. Euthanasia is legal in the Benelux countries, Colombia, Canada and New Zealand. It was last legalized in March last year in Spain. Another possible form of death in incurable illness is assisted suicide.

This act is not performed directly by the doctor, but by the patient himself. This form of killing is accepted, for example, by Germany, Switzerland, several states in Australia and the USA, and most recently by Austria.

When someone has no subject, he raises euthanasia

Milan Kubek, Chairman of CLK

ČLK is against

According to the Czech Medical Chamber (ČLK) and its chairman Milan Kubek, it is always necessary to help in medicine and never to harm. “Euthanasia, ie killing out of compassion, is not legal in the Czech Republic and the medical chamber does not agree with it,” Kubek said.

Sufferers should be able to resolve their situation at their own discretion

Milan Hamerský, Association for Euthanasia

Euthanasia involves not only an ethical but also a legal problem. Former deputy Lukáš Bartoň (pirates), who in 2020 co-submitted a bill on its legalization, has the opposite attitude to euthanasia than Kubek expressed.

“The Czech public is clearly ready for euthanasia. Surveys regularly show that citizens support it. We tried to open a discussion with our proposal, which I think we succeeded in, “Bartoň told Práva.

There is no will in the House

Another co-sponsor of the law, MP Pavel Růžička (YES), would support the euthanasia law in the current election period. “I think everyone should be free to decide whether they want to end their life or continue to worry,” he told Právo.

Bohuslav Svoboda, a doctor and MP for the ODS, confirms that there is no political will in the Chamber of Deputies for Czechs in the Czech Republic to legally undergo euthanasia.

“In my opinion, euthanasia is not completely in demand in the Czech Republic. People don’t ask us doctors. I don’t think it’s a topic at the moment, we will probably deal with it in the future, “the chairman of the Svoboda health committee told Práva.

“On the other hand, I understand that if a person decides to do it himself and it is his free will, then it is a principle that is inviolable, but at the same time must not be forced to do so by anyone, and not by a doctor at all. As a doctor, I simply cannot do this, “added Svoboda.

The fight continues

According to Milan Hamersky, a member of the Association for the Enactification of Euthanasia, there is a certain chance. “The main advantage of euthanasia is respect for the rights of the suffering to decide their end. Furthermore, setting clear rules for the relationship of the dying, doctors, relatives and the state. A merciful lie denies the dying the right to know the true state and prognosis. I do not want our citizens to have a choice between amateur suicide and a trip abroad, “Hamerský explained to Práva.

“Palliative care is widely available and, as in the Netherlands and Belgium, sufferers should be able to address their situation at their own discretion,” Hamersky said. In 2019, he participated in the preparation of a proposal submitted by a group of MPs, YES and pirates. “We will now try to get the support of the deputies again. We will start with politicians who declare themselves liberal and those who have supported the proposal in the past, “Hamerský concluded.


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