Deputies call for the rights of medical interns to be analyzed


Oaxaca de Juárez.- Hilda Pérez Luis, a member of the 64th Legislature, reported that after students from the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University Benito Juárez de Oaxaca (UABJO) They denounced that the institution is required of a letter that delimits them from health situations in the face of the pandemic of Covid-19, and requests to report if there is a state of pregnancy, and a commitment to non-pregnancy, the local Congress will issue an appeal to the health sector.

In an interview with EL UNIVERSAL, the legislator noted that this Tuesday she learned of the requirement to medical interns, and condemned the requirement of the document because it said that it violates their rights, for which the deputies will issue a warrant so that they do not request said document and respect the fundamental rights of the students.

In this sense, he said, the UABJO will also be instructed to be vigilant that the rights of students are respected, who, during their social service, assume important and necessary positions in medical centers and hospitals in the different regions of the state of Oaxaca. .

“It must be guaranteed that in the regions they go to, they have the necessary safety and health conditions,” he said, adding that they are waiting for the Office of the Human Rights Defender of the People of Oaxaca (DDHPO) rule on it.

The warrant will be issued by the Labor and Social Security Commission that the deputy chairs, since the students do not have to sign any responsive letter. “They have well-defined rights as social service providers and must be respected,” he insisted.

In this regard, he added that since he began his term in the aforementioned commission, this is the first time that a case is known in which he seeks to suppress the rights of social service providers.

Regarding the requirement for students to report if there is a state of pregnancy, as well as that the social service is conditioned for students, who cannot become pregnant during the period of service, the legislator regretted the request for a document that violates sexual rights and reproductive of social service providers. “The law does not endorse what they are doing,” he said.

Given this, he urged the institutions to stop the gender violence they are exercising against the sexual and reproductive rights of women who are completing the process of social service.

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