News Depression and suicidal behavior, on the rise in countries...

Depression and suicidal behavior, on the rise in countries facing Covid-19


Lorena Rodríguez Bores, technical secretary of the National Council for Mental Health, assured that so far there are no exact estimates of how much mental health disorders can grow in Mexico as a result of the pandemic due to Covid-19, He added that in other countries it has been documented that depression, suicidal behavior and substance use disorder are on the rise.

“Derived from estimates in other countries, an increase has been documented in disorders such as depression, suicidal behavior and substance use disorder, it must be remembered that the health personnel increased the syndromes of collapse and fatigue due to compassion, “he said.

Since National Palace, Rodríguez Bores He noted that during the “new normal” there may be fear since the fact that there is no vaccine increases uncertainty about the duration of the pandemic.

“There are disturbing phenomena, adverse as a epidemic, a war, and what follows is recovery, learning to establish new routines. It is normal for us to be afraid because of uncertainty, because we do not see a balance between the family’s economy and health and because prevention measures must continue, “he said.

For this reason, he said, it is important to provide support measures for mental health, as well as to ensure that Covid-19 survivors are not stigmatized.

“Mental health information must be kept constant, it is important to disseminate accurate data and prevent the stigma of Covid survivors,” he said.



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