Deportivo Cali and América go out to look for the semifinal in Liga Femenina | Colombian Soccer | Women’s Football

Heart attack day, there is no tomorrow. Deportivo Cali and América are looking this Sunday (11:00 am) to qualify for the semifinal of the BetPlay 2021 Women’s League by Group B, looking for wins on their last day.

The verdiblancas close in Palmaseca against DIM-FI and with 3 points they are assured, or perhaps with 1 if America does not defeat Real Santander as a visitor.

But in the middle of the two Valle del Cauca teams is Nacional, which took a firm step by drawing 1-1 with Cali and with a victory in Medellín over the eliminated Bucaramanga will have its ticket ready.

The ‘sugar box’ has 19 points, followed by Nacional with 18 and America with 17. The one with the least option is the DIM-FI with 16, but they are obliged to win in Palmaseca and wait for the goal difference.

Analyzing the possibilities, Verdiblancas and Verdolagas have a clear path, just by winning their matches. America accounts for a victory against Real Santander and that there is a draw in Palmaseca and Atanasio Girardot, a somewhat complex situation.

Cali must improve in definition, since the imbalance of Manuela Pavi and Linda Caicedo is not translating into goals, especially from the Villagorgona striker, formerly America.

Meanwhile, in the event of a tie in points, the goal difference notably favors the ‘diablas’: +13, by +8 from DIM-FI, +7 from Cali and +5 from Nacional.

The 0-8 win over the bucaras in Santander territory, with a magnanimous contribution from Catalina Usme, helped to improve that item, but the score has it in doubt to advance and depending on other results.

Marco Antonio Garcés
Correspondent Futbolred Cali
On twitter: @marquitosgarces



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