Deportes proceeds to paint the playing court of the Quico Cabrera pavilion | Radio Club Tenerife | Present

The Sports area of ​​the Santa Cruz City Council, directed by Alicia Cebrián, has carried out in recent days the painting of the playing court of the Quico Cabrera pavilion, as part of the conditioning work of the sports facilities of the city, due to to the deterioration suffered by use.

The sports federations of the teams that use this facility oblige them to comply with different regulations, such as the Women’s Super League 2 volleyball that the Santa Cruz Cuesta Piedra disputes in this facility, for which reason, in this case, we have proceeded to the painting of the perimeter of the field to dispute the second national women’s competition. In addition, it has been used for the exterior painting of the basketball court.

On this, the Councilor for Sports of the Santa Cruz City Council, Alicia Cebrián, pointed out that “we have taken advantage of these dates to make these improvements since the clubs are not training, so that since they join to carry out their respective preseason they do not have to interrupt his training dynamics ”.

Alicia Cebrián commented that “the Quico Cabrera pavilion is a first-class facility and that it must always be in the best conditions for the different competitions it hosts for city teams and other events that are planned to be held.”

Finally, the Councilor for Sports added that “in this way the clubs of Santa Cruz will not be harmed at any time since they comply with the regulations imposed on them by the different federations.”


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