Departmental in Haute-Garonne: the new battle of Toulouse

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The second round of the departmental elections this Sunday is the framework of an unprecedented clash within the left in Toulouse between the Socialist Party and the Greens.

Green versus Pink. The first round of the departmental elections last Sunday, a ballot coupled with the Regional, delivered in Toulouse an unprecedented result. Qualified in the 27 cantons of Haute-Garonne, opposed ten times to the National Rally, and eight times to the right for this second round, the Socialist Party, joined by the PCF, the PRG, Génération.s …, faces in Toulouse to the candidates of Europe Ecology the Greens.
This duel on the left coincides with astonishing precision in the cantons of Toulouse within the walls: the 1st (Saint-Cyprien), the 2nd (Ponts-Jumeaux), the 3rd (Les Chalets), the 4th (Carmes), and the 5th (Rangueil) . Only the 6 (Mirail) is missing the call but very little since the right, after an error in the collection of results between the town hall and the prefecture, qualifies with 21 votes in front of the Greens.

Reread Jaurès

A year ago, in the municipal elections, Antoine Maurice (Citizen Archipelago) came out on top in four of Toulouse’s six cantons (1, 2, 3 and 5). The new ballot confirms the aspiration of urbanites to vote “green” and therefore the existence of a new electoral sociology specific to large cities. Such PS-EELV duels can be found for example in Lille or Rennes.
The Toulouse right which, in 2015, was present everywhere in the second round, also gave, because of its divisions, a definite boost to the Greens. For decades on the right, Toulouse 4 (Les Carmes) has thus been offered on a set on the left.
EELV sees “a dynamic” which can only materialize on Sunday evening. The figures, however, place the PS everywhere in front. It is at Toulouse 3 (Les Chalets) that the gap is smallest with 355 votes.
This confrontation on the left created a certain uneasiness on Boulevard de la Marquette. Georges Méric claims an assessment, including on ecology, an ability to manage and a “more complete” program. But take care to assert that he has “competitors but no adversary”.
Yet the battle is real. It is the leadership on the left that is at stake. Here as in France with a view to 2022. Will there be for the first time since Patrick Jimena in 2011, environmentalist and therefore left-wing departmental advisers elected against a left-wing majority and not part of it?

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There are also ideological fault lines between the two camps. Georges Méric opposes to the Greens a society founded “on several balances: the social, the Republic, access to culture …” With a key point: “On secularism, we have a debate. We defend a universalist and humanist position. They have to reread Jaurès, that’s obvious. “

On the right, Sacha Briand will vote Green

Regional councilor Les Républicains, n ° 3 on the list of Aurélien Pradié aux Régionales, and deputy mayor of Toulouse, Sacha Briand no longer wants the “hegemony” of the Socialist Party from which he says he suffered, with the elected officials of opposition, during the mandate of Carole Delga. He also denounces this hegemony to the Department. And he comes to affirm, in a press release released on Wednesday, that in his canton, Toulouse 4, at the Departmental, where a PS pair and an EELV pair oppose, he will vote “to bring political plurality to life within the departmental assembly ”, in other words for EELV candidates. And at the Regional, he calls for Aurélien Pradié to vote for the same reason. A position which can only surprise: on Friday again, in the city council, the majority group denounced among the Greens “an extremist and fundamentalist radicalism”. In a press release, Jean-Luc Moudenc calls for choosing “diversity”, which can leave an ambiguity that he does not remove in the last sentence by calling for votes for “candidates from the right, from the center and from society. civil ”. On the side of rebellious France, the candidates of Toulouse 3 send back the PS and EELV back to back and do not give instructions to vote.

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On the Cristal market, epicenter of the duel

Georges Méric on the Cristal market this Wednesday to support the Gabrieli-Boyer partnership in the Toulouse 4 canton.

For a retiree from the Chalets, “social action” led by the majority in the Department will lead her to prefer the socialist pair Anne Boyer-Alain Gabrieli to that of the Greens Kavout Mahy-Jean-Charles Valadier, Sunday, for the second round of the Departmental . For Vincent, living on the boulevards near Arnaud-Bernard, voter of Mélenchon in 2017 and sympathizer “Insoumis”, his animosity vis-à-vis the Greens will make him slip the bulletin “Delga” to the Regional and socialist to the Department, “even if that does not enchant me. The Cristal market, on the boulevards, was this Wednesday morning the epicenter of the duel between the Greens and the Socialists in the second round in five of the six intramural Toulouse cantons. In this Toulouse 3 canton, which includes the Capitole, Chalets, Bonnefoy and Mazades, therefore “bobos” districts of “Toulouse qui va bien”, Anne Boyer and Alain Gabrieli received reinforcements, at 9:30 am, from Georges Méric to meet the inhabitants. “The Greens have only one action while our program is much more complete,” said the PS president of the Department. On ecology, “the job, we do it”, sums up Alain Gabrieli who also attacks: “We see rather unfavorable examples of what green people do in big cities. We must promote ecology but we must live with the times. “To the convinced ecologists of the Chalets where she lives, Anne Boyer also responds to social action:” We are on two legs.

Jean-Charles Valadier, environmental candidate for the Toulouse 4 canton, in the process of towing.

Jean-Charles Valadier, environmental candidate for the Toulouse 4 canton, in the process of towing.

At the corner of rue Roquelaine, Jean-Charles Valadier receives reinforcement from other EELV candidates. “People are smart enough to know who carries the best ecology, democracy and social. “The candidate refuses the idea of ​​a confrontation with the Socialists and rejects the words” duel “,” confrontation “… For him, consubstantial with Europe Ecology The Greens, there is the will” to rebuild democracy “, it is that is to say “to work together”, to seek “consensus”. But “without compromise”. If he knows that the Greens cannot claim the leadership of the Department, he aims “to act in proportion to the mandate received”. And “the more votes the voters give us, the more we will be demanding. ”

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