Department of Disease Control Warns of Monkey Smallpox and Controversy Surrounding Pride Parade Image Use

“Department of Disease Control” warns to watch out for “monkey smallpox” pushes to use the image of the Pride parade The tour bus stopped for criticism. Really asking, do you want to convey that it is a source of infection?

What is smallpox monkey?

Monkey pox (or smallpox) is a viral disease. Symptoms in humans are similar to those of smallpox but are less severe. It was first discovered in the world in 1958 from a sick monkey. It was called smallpox monkey disease and was first detected in humans in 1970 in the Congo. It is most often found in Central and West Africa. Smallpox monkeys are found in many animals. especially monkeys and rodents such as rats, squirrels, rabbits, etc. This disease can be transmitted from animals to people. and contact from person to person By touching secretions, skin or aerosols from inhalation. But human-to-human infection has not spread widely. At present, there have been reports of two strains of the monkey pox virus, namely the Central African strain. and West African species The Central African strain is the strain that has been reported from person to person.

Recently, a Facebook user has posted a picture. Ready to state.. The Department of Disease Control posted to watch out for ‘smallpox monkey’ along with the Pride parade photo. Until many people suspect that this is a stigma that Is Pride the cause of smallpox monkeys? But it wasn’t long after the Department of Disease Control tweeted pictures and messages. I have deleted the post.

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by the Department of Disease Control posted about smallpox monkeys stating that “There will be a higher trend among men who have sex with men. Ready to watch out for protection during Pride month, a month to celebrate the support of rights, freedom and equality among LGBT people. which was held throughout June this year throughout Thailand” After it was reported that during the past May There were 21 more monkey pox cases.

However, on the Twitter of the Department of Disease Control Parade images are also used in pride parades. and the LGBTQ+ symbol of the flag along with the blistered arms. which is believed to be a picture of a person infected with smallpox monkeys such images and text therefore making people who see that post Can’t help but doubt that ‘What does the Department of Disease Control want to convey?’

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