Department Director – Processed Fruits (M / F)



Directly attached to the General Management and with the support of functional services, the future incumbent will have to:

1/ Draw up a new development strategy for his department. A member of the management committee, he participates more broadly in the strategic thinking of the company.

2/ Translate this department’s strategy by:

o The possible design of additional offers in response to new market needs, with the support of the R&D team, the Quality Manager, and the Production team but also external partners.

o Marketing of products, with:

– Determination of the various key points: definition of costs and pricing policy, sourcing of raw materials, logistics, purchasing and subcontracting, distribution process, associated communications,

– Management of commercial actions:

a / Definition of objectives (and necessary means) and monitoring of the results of salespeople and export partners

b / Attendance at events in support of local sales forces.

This management distinguishes:

– The domestic market: identification, management and development of key contacts (distributors, manufacturers),

– Export markets: market study (culinary cultures, forces present, potential volume), detection, study and selection, contracting then monitoring of importers / distributors but also of manufacturers.

3/ The ability to guarantee production by ensuring the ‘Cost – Quality – Deadline’ triptych and respecting food safety requirements and more broadly the systems and other procedures, in particular validated by audits of partners (customers, BRC, etc.)

4/ The management, with the support of the HRD, directly six department heads (recruitment, training, evaluation, support, setting of objectives then monitoring their achievement) and ‘indirectly’, around thirty permanent employees.

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