Departing from Dresden in Germany, the first Airbus A380 in the Air France fleet made its last flight before being dismantled

The first Airbus A380 in the Air France fleet made its last flight. Departing from Dresden in Germany, it landed at Knock-West Ireland Airport (Ireland), where EirTrade Aviation will take care of its dismantling. Air France wants to turn the page on the A380, whose production halt was announced by Airbus a year ago, for want of sufficient orders.

A few months later, the national company announced its intention to stop operating the Super Jumbo by 2022, explaining that “the current competitive environment limits the markets in which the A380 can be operated profitably”.

To replace the A380s, Air France-KLM placed an order at the end of 2019 for 10 additional A350-900s, bringing the number of A350s ordered by the French company to 38 and three of which have already been delivered.

According to the group, this model “allows fuel consumption reduced by 25% compared to previous generation aircraft, ie a consumption of 2.5 liters per passenger per 100 kilometers”.

Air France is also working to renew its medium-haul fleet. In July 2019, it announced the firm purchase of sixty Canadian-made Airbus A220s, its largest order since 2011.

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