Denzel Washington: The most successful films of his career

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Denzel Washington has been in front of the camera for around 40 years. With films like “Malcolm X” (1992) and “Philadelphia” (1993), the two-time Oscar winner, who celebrates his 65th birthday on December 28th, became world famous and a real hit in Hollywood. These are his most successful strips. © spot on news

Denzel Washington became known at the age of 28 through the hospital series “Chief Physician Dr. Westphall”, in which he worked as Dr. Phillip Chandler was seen. Then he strove for something bigger.

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He got his first major role in 1987 in the apartheid drama “Cry for Freedom”. For his great acting, he was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in 1988. The strip also earned him a Golden Globe nomination.

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Washington was not supposed to win an Oscar until 1990. He accepted the golden boy for his portrayal of the soldier Private Trip in the civil war drama “Glory”. In addition to the Academy Award, he received a Golden Globe Award for best supporting actor.

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With the film “Malcolm X” his status as one of the most important African-American stars in Hollywood was consolidated in 1992. In it, Washington embodies the Black Muslim leader Malcolm X, who became a preacher to the Nation of Islam organization after a gangster career in the 1940s. His performance earned him an Oscar nomination again.

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In 1993 he was in front of the camera with Julia Roberts in “The Nudes”. In it, a law student puts her life in danger with an amazing theory about the murder of two federal judges. The film became a financial success – it grossed $ 100 million in the United States alone.

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In addition to Tom Hanks, Washington played a lawyer in the AIDS drama “Philadelphia” in 1993, taking on the second leading role. It was the first major Hollywood film to take a critical look at how society dealt with the disease and homosexuals in the United States. The production was rightly awarded numerous prizes.

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In 1996 he proved that Washington can also be meek in the film “Rendezvous with an Angel”. In it he played the angel Dudley, sent by the Lord God, who, by his mere presence, brings a family closer together again. Julia Biggs (played by Whitney Houtson) also feels this charm.

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In the blockbuster “State of Emergency” (1998) Washington played Bruce Willis’ opponent – an upright FBI agent. The critics praised the well-thought-out action film, which was mainly supported by its two grand protagonists.

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Washington received his second Golden Globe for his performance in “Hurricane” (1999) and was nominated for an Oscar. The film tells the story of boxer Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, who was sentenced to life in prison for an alleged murder.

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In 2002, Washington received its second Oscar for portraying a corrupt policeman on Training Day. The story takes place in Los Angeles and is about the drug investigator Alonzo Harris (photo, left) and his somewhat inexperienced colleague Jake Hoyt (Ethan Hawke, right).

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Washington is not only successful as an actor, he also celebrates success as a director. He made the film “Antwone Fisher” (photo) in 2002 and “The Great Debateres” in 2007, in which he each played a role. Both films impressed at the box office.

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There was great praise for his acting skills for his role in the drama “Flight” (2012). In it Washington prevents a crash as a traffic pilot, but gets into trouble because of alcohol problems. There was again an Oscar nomination for his performance.

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In “The Equalizer” (2014) Washington is traveling as ex-agent Robert McCall. The sequel “The Equalizer 2” was released in 2018. In the United States, the film landed right at number one on the cinema charts after the launch weekend.

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