“Denuvo team issues report warning that game simulation technology poses a menace to developers, resulting in backlash as critics brand it as “virus” in the industry.”

As long as you are a gamer, you have probably heard of Denuvo’s game anti-tampering technology. Denuvo is an Austrian software solutions company that was acquired by the Dutch information security company Irdeto in 2018, but before that, Denuvo’s encryption technology has long been It is widely used by many game manufacturers in their own games. Its purpose is to prevent piracy, or to delay the appearance of game piracy as much as possible, so as not to hurt real income. Therefore, it is often a hot topic on game forums to crack the battle between the team and Denuvo topic.

Although Denuvo’s encryption technology is not easy to break, for ordinary players, the most direct impact is to damage the game experience. A recent example is “Evil Castle 8 Village”. Some PC version players found that when the game When the protagonist wants to use a weapon, there is often a lagging situation, but there is no such problem on the console version. After the cracking team removed Denuvo, although there is no obvious frame rate increase, the lagging situation has also disappeared. .

Even, due to the use of Denuvo encrypted games, the entire process of verification and decoding needs to be done online, and the game may not even be able to be opened due to network domain or server problems. These situations are common, and players can only laugh at themselves. victim”.

Last year, the Denuvo team set their sights on the Nintendo Switch platform, claiming to prevent Switch games from running on PC platforms and emulators, so as to ensure that players who want to play specific games can only play through the Switch console. Recently, Denuvo released a free e-book , basically around related topics, the book is titled “The Threats of Game Emulation to Developers: Are you worried enough?” Device technology has become a lucrative industry, and has even led to a reduction in the profits of both pirates and developers, forming an economic threat that not only infringes on the intellectual property rights of developers, but also damages brand reputation. The only solution The Tao is Denuvo’s anti-tampering technology for games. The company tweeted the following:

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As soon as this move came out, netizens on Twitter really couldn’t sit still, and complained under the team’s Twitter tweet:

“Denuvo is the culprit that encourages piracy, because the game is smoother without Denuvo!”

“You are the virus in the game industry”

“The emulator can really make sure that when the disc or the console has reached the end of its life, we can still relive those classic games.”

“Thanks for the free ebook, have you considered deleting your account, your company should never exist”

“Typical fear-mongering”

“I’ll download your free e-book, print it out, and wipe my ass with it.”

In fact, seeing now, the author seems to have not seen a more positive message…

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