Dennis Schröder Credits YouTube Channel for Improved Public Image

Status: 07.06.2023 05:03

Dennis Schröder is grateful for his own YouTube channel, which he feels has improved his public image. “I think that was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life,” said the captain of the German national basketball team of the German Press Agency.

Before he started showing his everyday life through videos, people thought “I would be aloof or arrogant,” said the 29-year-old from Braunschweig. “Ever since I’ve been doing YouTube, people have seen how we really are. Day after day. And that has also made a big difference in Germany.”

Those around him already knew who and how he was, Schröder said. “Many are always surprised when they meet me and say he’s cool. I’m just like that for myself, how should I put it, with the family. I’m really a jumping jack, I’m a clown and play a lot. But in the Public – which means shy – I’m not the kind of person who approaches people if he doesn’t know them,” said Schröder. “I’m always careful about that. Other people are like that too. But when I’m in public, it’s always something like that.”

His goal is to bring his YouTube channel to “NBA level,” said Schröder. “The bottom line is that no NBA player has ever done it and we just want to do something different than everyone else,” he said. “Of course it’s not about, hey, we’re better than you. We want to take everyone into our lives and show how we live.”

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He doesn’t put a lot of extra effort into it himself. “I don’t think it’s possible for me to play basketball at a high level and then have to do two, four, five, six extra things,” explained Schröder. “That’s why we always take the things we have, pack them in, we don’t have to do extra things and go on any boats to create content.”

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