Dennis Schouten about Famke Louise at Jinek: ‘It was sad’

In the podcast, the collision between Dennis and Famke is discussed. Dennis asks Kaj if he would join Jinek if they asked him. “Then I would have liked to sit there with someone next to me who radiates authority and can really say something about it,” says Kaj. He also wonders why viewers would take anything from him: “I know my place.” According to Dennis it is very simple: “Those people have reach. Excitement, sensation, so you put them there.”

Dennis also mentions the moment when he confronted Famke on the street and she knocked his microphone out of his hands. “I happened to see where she was on her Instagram. I thought: let’s have a look. And then she came and I asked her story. I didn’t know then that she was Jinek would sit. ”

Famke had indicated during this ‘confrontation’ that she would ‘sit somewhere that evening and come up with answers’. “She had already forgotten where, so that was a bad preparation”, Dennis continues.

“Then I already thought: incredible that you are going to do that. I think she knows that herself now. I also feel sorry for it, you know. (…) It was even more painful because Eva Jinek could have been even more critical, but that didn’t happen “, says Dennis.

“At one point I felt like she was talking to someone with a disability. It was pathetic, really embarrassing,” Dennis concludes.

The entire conversation with Dennis Schouten is here to watch. Femke told RTL Boulevard that she received a serious mental blow after her performance in Jinek. You can see that below.

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