Dennis Gansel: filming in Corona times?

May 10, 2021 – Lea Bishop

Jessica Alba, Jason Statham or Tommy Lee Jones – film director and screenwriter Dennis Gansel from Hanover has already worked with these and other megastars. In an interview with Timm “Doppel-M” Busche, Gansel talks about filming in Corona times, where the blockbusters stay and what he is currently working on.

The Hanoverian screenwriter and film director Dennis Gansel has made a name for himself internationally with German productions like “Die Welle” or “Napola – Elite für den Führer”. He made his Hollywood debut with “The Mechanic 2: Resurrection” and star actors Jessica Alba, Jason Statham and Tommy Lee Jones. Most recently he published the film “Jim Button and the Wild 13“, the second season of” Das Boot “and hat the third season of “Das Boot” for Sky.

With different & awake-Moderator Timm “double M” bushes Dennis Gansel spoke about filming during Corona times. Why are there fewer love scenes in films? Does turning work without a mask? And where are the blockbusters? What is he working on right now? And what difficulties are there with German films compared to Hollywood productions?

Photo: picture alliance / dpa | Jörg Carstensen


Director Dennis Gansel in the Interview


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