Denise Chariesta is furious to see Nikita Mirzani WA Ayu Dewi on the matter of Regi Data or cheating: If it’s a pity …

Hops.ID- Denise Carista seems to disapprove of the statement Nikita Mirzani on the question of her relationship with a man with the initials R presumably Regi Datauhusband Ayu Dewi.

Indeed, the confession Denise Carista has been a usurper of men, aka actors for four years, garnering a lot of criticism from the virtual world, no exceptions Nikita Mirzani.

Why, netizens see Denise Carista too proud to post that behavior. Additionally, Denise has claimed that her former lover is the husband of a famous presenter who already has three children.

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Suddenly, the public immediately assumed that the man with the initials R was meant Denise Carista is Regi Datauhusband presenter Ayu Dewi.

Responding to outstanding issues, Nikita Mirzani immediately gave a striking answer to Denise Carista.

“I don’t know what’s going on in Denise’s brain, but it messes with me,” she said Nikita Mirzani reported Hops.ID from YouTube Nikita Mirzani Fans on Friday 7 October 2022.

Nikita Mirzani himself claimed to have been in communication with Ayu Dewi related to the issue of her husband’s betrayal which was widely discussed by netizens. Nikita asks Ayu to be patient.

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“Mother Ayu DewiI have WhatsApp with him, so he has a lot of patience, “he said.

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