Den Haag FM »Brain Foundation starts crowdfunding campaign for research into brain damage caused by corona

The Brain Foundation has started a crowdfunding campaign to fund research into brain damage caused by the corona virus. The virus can cause serious damage to the brain in several ways during and after infection. Damage from which the patient suffers direct and long-term negative consequences. So far, almost 265,000 euros have been collected together. However, more than 60,000 euros are still needed.

“Corona is primarily a lung disease, but it has major consequences for the brain,” says Merel Heimens Visser, director of the Brain Foundation. “Last week, research by the Amsterdam UMC showed that the virus can cause the immune system in the brain to run wild. And that’s not all. Some people are deprived of oxygen in the blood and therefore also in the brain. The virus can also cause inflammation of the brain or disrupt blood clotting. A blood clot can cause a cerebral infarction. The long stay in intensive care is also very harmful to the brain. Many patients are left with permanent cognitive complaints, such as less attention and concentration, problems with remembering and planning ”.

Treat, limit or even prevent damage
For some, the consequences after the corona virus are permanent. Why and how exactly this works in the brain is unfortunately still unknown. Prof. Caroline van Heugten, affiliated with Maastricht University: “The research of the Amsterdam UMC was carried out on corona patients who had died. That is why it is now so important to also investigate the possible brain damage in corona patients who have survived the virus. If we know who gets which complaints and why, we can better treat, limit or even prevent brain damage in corona patients. That is why research needs to be done now, so that new patients can receive the right treatment. ”

Photo: Brain Foundation: Researchers Caroline van Heugten and Janneke Horn who want to carry out the research.

Listen here to the conversation with Andreas Tober of the Brain Foundation on The Hague FM.

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