Demonstrators in Kyrgyzstan liberated the former president and stormed parliament. Protest the elections, the result of which has been revoked Svt

Bikek Opposing protesters in Central Kyrgyzstan stormed the first building with the presidential office and parliament in protest of the outcome of the parliamentary elections. In addition, they freed former President Almazbek Atambayev. the election commission has meanwhile announced the cancellation of the outcome of the recent elections.

The opposition said its goal was to overthrow President Sooronbay Eenbekov and form a new government. But the president claims to keep the country under control.

The chairwoman of the election commission, Nuran ajldabekov, said that the commission had decided to cancel the outcome of the election in an effort to avoid back in the country.


According to the Reuters agency, the opposition groups claim that they have in their hands the buildings in the metropolis of Bikek and have taken control of Kyrgyzstan. eenbekov believes that the country threatened to attempt a coup. Rno called on his refugees to end the protests.

According to Reuters, one hunter died and 590 were injured in the protests. A spokesman for the Ministry of Health said that a hunter in Bikek had succumbed to his injuries after clashing with police and allegedly dressed as a civilian.

Some protesters stormed the building, and Eenbek’s office and parliament were found. Members of the opposition groups broke into several other buildings, including the mayor, and appointed their own commander of national security, the attorney general, and commander of Bikek. According to Reuters, several provincial governors have resigned and the central bank has advised local banks not to open and strengthen security measures.

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On his website, Eenbekov described the occupation of the government building and security headquarters for an attempt by some political forces to come to power illegally. I call on the leaders of political parties to reassure their supporters. We have inflicted a security force on the security force, the president said. He said that he had submitted a central election commission to investigate all electoral irregularities and, if necessary, invalidate the result. Clashes between police and protesters calling for the invalidation of parliamentary elections continued in Bikek on Monday.

Protesters persuaded and put forward a looming policy

According to the DPA, the protesters climbed the fences near the parliament building and set fire to cars. They heard security screams outside, tear gas and blinding grants.

Former President Atambayev was sentenced in July to about 11 years in prison. During his tenure, the day helped, among other things, convicted criminals to the tissue. This social democrat stood in all countries from 2011 to 2017. Half of the ex-president’s arrest saw a half battle between his supporters and security forces.

In addition to Atambayev, protesters have liberated a lofty policy. Some opposition officials called on the late parliament to appoint a caretaker government and allow a legitimate power.

The Russian embassy in Kyrgyzstan has stated that it supports resolving the situation in the first way to ensure the security of the population and the stability of the state.

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After Sunday, three parties entered parliament. The unity was supported by the Union supporting President Eenbekov and the Motherland of Kyrgyzstan. It is an established party that supports building relations with Russia. Those of the parties that did not get into parliament, such as the Social Democrat, announced on Sunday that they intend to question the election.

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