Demonstrative execution of a businessman in broad daylight in Athens, a Bulgarian trail is being investigated

A 38-year-old gas station owner in the Greek capital’s Gerakas district was executed with 20 bullets on Saturday morning. According to the latest information, the murder is allegedly connected to the “Greek oil mafia”, writes “Labor“.

Authorities are also investigating a connection to the murder of Yannis Skaftouros, who was also publicly executed on Easter, and other information says the strings are being pulled from Bulgaria.

The next public assassination is believed to be part of a series of contract killings in recent years aimed at controlling the turnover from the sale of contraband fuels.

According to Greek authorities, the perpetrators’ goal is to send a clear message through their actions that they are a criminal group that can strike anyone whenever and wherever they want, even if the victim has taken security measures. Currently, the investigation of the security officers is focused on the oil mafia, and branches are being searched in Bulgaria as well.

Crime in Athens is staggering, with security officials finding two “death contracts” from a total of eight performers in just a month and a half. Three Kalashnikov assault rifles, two pistols and two stolen cars were used in these contracts.

In July 2015, an arsenal of 10 grenades, a submachine gun, two pistols and other weapons were found in the yard of a gas station in the area of ​​Agios Ioannis Rentis, which belonged to the victim and his relative. In April 2022, one of the 38-year-old’s gas stations was inspected by the financial police and fuel smuggling was discovered. The 38-year-old man had strong contacts in the field of fuel trade, but also with politicians, economic figures, as well as former and current police officers.

We remind you that assassins executed the Greek citizen Yannis Skaftouros, who is alleged to have had connections with Bulgarian drivers as part of an illegal network for the sale of contraband fuels in Greece.

The Kathimerini newspaper wrote that in 2019, 71 people were accused of creating a criminal organization and smuggling. Among those accused is a man close to Yannis Skaftouros, who was wanted by police until the end of April this year, when he was arrested in Plovdiv on a warrant issued by Cypriot authorities on charges of bombings and money laundering.

According to information, this is a 53-year-old Cypriot citizen who organized the shipment of chemical diluents from Bulgaria to Greece, which are mixed with fuels sold at gas stations in Greece.

The Cypriot owns two transport companies in Pazardzhik, the paper said. The recipients of the cargo are phantom companies in Attica and Thessaloniki. During a check by the Greek customs authorities, the drivers showed false documents.


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